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by Sonic Wolves

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    Digipack cd of our third album.Heavy rock with clear 70's influence, combined with elements of metal and psychedelic blues. Lyrics included. Kayt Vigil-bass/vocals, Vita- drums/backing vocals, Nico Nigro-guitar. Graphics by Diogo Soares at SoaresArtwork, Recorded by Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio, Inzago IT. Argonauta Records.

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Shapeshifter 04:19
Shapeshifter I’m fluid like mercury I can bend the bars with my mind I dissolve then assimilate You’ll see what I want you to I’m a living ghost My fabric tears your reality I can reform out in the sun I am a dark silouette at night Unseen unheard like a shadow superhuman Alchemy dissapates me I materialize outside these walls If I had a heart I would fear the dark It would be much worse living with no curse I would feel it more as I head for the door I would suffer so, suffer like you The day is done and I wait for the hour to strike I can make my lonely dark way into the night I’ve been denied for so, so long Now is the time, I transform, I move on I slip through the bars then I walk through the walls And you’ll never see me My absence really haunts your dreams I stoke your fears from hiding I am a phantom Who you’ve seen on TV Question your fucking mind Cuz I am not what I seem Intelligent weapon Fooling mortal minds I tell the watchers what to see A faded face from your darkest dreams
O.B.E. 11:30
Dead To The World Strange deal in a strange land Devil’s score of a lifetime If I can make it on down the road I’ll be alright A golden day awaits if I fly by night She’s outside of hope Because I’m buried alive The only thing that I know now I’m dead to the world if I don’t leave Time is on my side though Through the current my shadow slides A golden day awaits If I fly by night No I’m not gonna make it As a number with no face There’s no time to waste In the heart of the star From the heart of the star No I’m not gonna make it From the center of the star I’ve gone too far Her frozen heart melts me I’m burning cold in the white heat In the den of thieves I can’t stand on two feet No I’m not gonna make it Behind the wires and the barbs My soul is scarred My love has sent me home And not a trace in the snow I’m flying high inside As I crawl so low, so low
Dark Recollection Many lives, many stories, many tales untold Return me home celestial cold The mask of memory slips away The dark vision still burns, burns, burns Eternal horizon is never far enough away Psyche forever smoldering Return to where souls are one Dive into Lake Anima Lose yourself in the vastness, the blackness Soon you will reemerge from the dust Many lives, many stories, many demensions you’ve known See your lives, see your deaths Here you’re free to roam And in the darkness remember Your soul is alone Evoke your past Call your future Live in rapture oblivious Lose yourself in the dark Let yourself fall apart Lose yourself in your darkest deed Return from the nothingness renewed and free
Heavy Lies The Crown Feel your power growing, surging, coursing wildly in the sky It brings that bloody knife down It burns everything to the ground Heavy lies the crown Here’s the cold hard truth my friend Step outta line and you’ll meet your end It brings that bloody knife down It burns it all to the ground Heavy lies the crown Trust is something you can’t have Turn your back, HA! See where you land It brings that bloody knife down It burns that baby to the ground Heavy lies the crown When you can raise no further When you can only fall down Just remember I told you It lies so heavy on the brow So heavy it’s gonna take you down yeah yeah Just a master running out of time But you got it all for now And that’s no lie Just know always in your mind Make no mistake as you hold your head so high
The Ten Doors We three rogues will take the heat We dropped a harmless bomb of peace Outlaws to a very hateful land Love for all is our demand Can’t stand the lies, enough with the hate This radical love brings our radical fate They came for us in the night Under lock and key we will still fight They call us pale terror We don’t see it that way We’ll be showing ourselves out to see the light of day We’ve made our decision We’ve planned every move Crafted keys with precision Cuz we’ve got nothing to lose All doors stand before us A precarious ten We took our time working fast Work it through til the end yeah Now begins the mental chess with sleepy watchmen Unworthy opponents make evasion all the more certain We’ve taken each door out one by one Knowing every sight and sound, every ticking second Under the gun Paper, Wood, Metal, Wire Our minds are steel And our time is on fire Just want a way out, gotta get out Self justice will end our stay We’ll wander so far away Underestimate, a big mistake We only get one chance to make our break (away)
WON’T BE THEIR FOOL There’s a car on the hill Waiting for me Every day they return To carry me away I’m digging so deep I’m making my way I’m chipping at time Rock, steel and slate These four walls These dank halls Can’t hold my fate The blood on my face Feels damn good I can breathe the free air Under the dark moon I’d swim through this flood If it takes me to you I’ll crawl through these depths So I won’t be their fool I’ll drown in this tunnel I’ve choked on their lies I’m crawling in this line I aint wasting no time And if I fail I’ll die the free one If I leave from this dark hole Run baby run Walking in circles It ain’t for me It’s driving me beyond crazy I’d rather drown I’d rather die I’ll dig my grave as months go by My mind is set Away I’ll slip Elusive freedom in my grip The darkest night The dirt and strife This broken mirror will be my guide Be my guide And I will be alright Roll away when I say oohh When I say oh yeah When I say it’s time to roll When I say oh yeah When I say it’s time to roll on
Gotta Do It Right I can’t take too much more of this Counting off the days with Xs It’s driving me wild inside you know Where’s my life to go I slip through the noose in my dreams You come collect what’s left of me We could be their shock therapy Having a hard time seeing straight All I can think of is the gate Our shadows leading us today Smoke and mirrors all the way I shake loose in my wildest dreams In league you come along with me We’ll make this our reality I can sense you out there on the wind Waiting to roll with me again From our brightest dawn til our dark sunset Hey, I say right now That’s why we gotta do it right We will never leave a trace Just spirits stirring in the breeze We’ll slip past every eye unseen We will touch the sun again As we burn right through our days in vain Rolling wayward til our end Yeah, our time is now That’s why we gotta do it right


III is Sonic wolves' third full length release. Recorded in March of 2023 at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy, it is a more diverse album than previous releases. Influenced heavily by 70's hard rock and touching on elements of metal, psychedelic blues, this album is by far the band's most intricate work.


released March 20, 2024

Kayt Vigil- Bass and Vocals
Vita- Drums and Backing Vocals
Nico Nigro- Guitar


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Sonic Wolves Alessandria, Italy

Sonic Wolves began in Alessandria, IT in 2012 and features Vita (ex-Ufomammut)drums, Kayt Vigil(ex-The Hounds of Hasselvander/Pentagram, ...Of The Horizon, Syzslak, Zed) on bass/vox In 2022 we began a collaboration with Nico(Mortuary Drape, Eroded)on guitar. Loud, dirty and heavy- Sonic Wolves takes rock to a nastier level with massive drums,crushing bass, roaring guitars and soaring vocals. ... more

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